Verification glasses

Observing how software testing and verification (techniques, tools, etc) can be applied to different contexts: security, algorithms, etc.



I’m Cynthia and I’m currently a full-stack developer. Before, within academia, I focused on topics related to formal methods, verification, and their application to some software engineering approaches such as aspect-oriented programming and feature-based systems for a few years.

problem-449365_640 The goal of this blog is to check for tools and techniques useful to improve software quality, reliability, maintenance, etc..
I will be taking existing tools and techniques and apply them to concrete programs, to see how easy is to set it up, how well it works, what advantages and disadvantages does each tool have..

By Ramesh NG (Flickr: Colors) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsSome different ways to use this blog:

  1. I’m just curious, I don’t have time to try things myself: read chronologically
  2.  I’m curious and I want to be able to apply these ideas: follow the steps given in the post and try answering the follow-up questions
  3. I have a program in language “L” and I want to apply these ideas to my program: look for any posts with the tag: “L
  4. I want to learn about this particular tool “T“: look for any posts with the tag: “T
  5. I want help trying to understand what I could use for these kind of bugs: In general, I will try to put comparing tables among techniques, and that may help you choose the best tool/s and technique/s.

I sometimes answer questions in Quora.

By Giulia Forsythe [CC -]I would love to hear:

  1. What posts did you find useful?
  2. What tools would you be interesting in seeing here?
  3. What programs would like to see being analyzed here?
  4. Any other thoughts?